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Founded in 1980

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Over 42 years of Experience in Industry

As a home-grown vegetable and edible oil process engineering company, we have a proven track record of over 42 years in the vegetable oils industry. Through the use of our proprietary process technology and know-how, we provide reliable and innovative smart processing solutions for use across all different sectors of the value chain.

Our total solutions range creates value to our customers’ processes, while meeting increasingly strict environmental and regulatory requirements, both domestically and in the global market place.

Key Milestones


Listed on the Catalist Board of Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited

2020 - 2021
2020 - 2021

Designed, constructed and commissioned of our flagship enzymatic biodiesel plant that converts high FFA CPO, PFAD, palm acid oil and palm sludge oil into biodiesel


Commercialised a refining plant which produces low 3MCPD and glycidyl fatty acid esters

2013 - 2016
2013 - 2016

Designed, constructed and commissioned refining plants which produce the lightest colour edible oil and a multi-feedstock palm biodiesel plant


Designed, constructed, and commissioned our third-generation flagship dry fractionation plant with patented crystallizer

Expanded into the renewable energy sector. Embarked on Biogas Recovery for POME to be converted into energy sources


Designed, constructed & commissioned a palm edible oil refining plant incorporated with phytonutrient recovery & tocotrienol concentrate enrichment


Licensed by MPOB for commercialisation of MPOB’s palm biodiesel & winter fuel processes

Designed & built one of the world’s largest physical refinery plants with capacity of approximately 2,800 metric tonnes/day


Awarded a contract for construction of an integrated palm biodiesel & phytonutrient extraction plant


First locally owned process engineering company in the edible oil industry to obtain ISO9001 Certification


Developed a system to produce edible oil with hinger Vitamin E


Adopted pre-stripper technology for stripping of free fatty acids (FFA)

Edible & Non-Edible Oil Refinery

  • Physical/Steam Refining Plants
  • Chemical/Alkali Refining Plants
  • Neutralisation Plants
  • Dry Fractionation Plants
  • Wet, Chemical/Detergent Fractionation Plants
  • Palm Kernel Oil Fractionation Plants
  • Winterisation & Dewaxing Plants
  • Hydrogenation Plants
  • Chemical/Enzymatic Interesterification Plants
  • Margarine & Shortening Plants
  • Pasteurising Plants
  • Phytonutrient Extraction Plants
  • Spray Cooling Plants
  • Premium Specialty Animal Feed Product Processing Plants
  • Pilot Plants
Segment Photo - Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

  • Normal Palm Biodiesel Plants
  • Winter Fuel Plants
  • Multi-feedstock Biodiesel Plants
  • Proprietary Oiltek Biodiesel & Multi-Feedstock Process
  • Proprietary & Patented Enzymatic Multi-Feedstock Biodiesel Process
  • Proprietary Post-Biodiesel Phytonutrient Extraction & Concentration Process
  • Acidulation Processes
  • Glycerine Refining Process
  • High efficiency methane biogas recovery plant
  • Pilot Plants

Product Sales and Trading

  • Engineering component sales
    • API Schmidt Plate Heat Exchanger
    • TMCI Padovan Chemetator
    • Kieselmann Sanitary Valve, Pipe & Fitting
    • GekaKonus Heating Systems
    • Novozymes Enzymes
  • Agency and distributorship
  • Specialty chemical product trading
  • Replacement of any wear and tear item in the process plants

Business Overview