Product Sales & Trading Segment

Exclusive Regional Agent (API/TMCI)/Market Representative Of Numerous Notable Engineering Component & Equipment Brands

  • Provides value add to both our principals and its end customers
  • Generates recurring income from the facilities supplied by the Group
  • Provides comfort and reassurance to our customers in relation to aftersales and the continuity of spare parts supply in future

(i) API Schmidt Plate Heat Exchanger

  • A unique corrugation pattern pressed onto each API Schmidt Thermal Plate that produces a high overall heat transfer efficacy
  • We are the Exclusive Agent of the API Schmidt Plate Heat Exchanger in Malaysia, supplying spare parts and providing related repairing works
  • OILTEK was named “World’s Best Distributor for API Schmidt-Bretten GmbH in 2015”

(ii) TMCI Padovan Chemetator

  • A brand of scraped surface heat exchanger that has applications in the Food, Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries
  • We are the Exclusive Agent of the TMCI Padovan Chemetator Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger and its associated products in Malaysia

(iii) Kieselmann Sanitary Valve, Pipe & Fitting

  • Includes a variety of sanitary valves, pipes and fittings for Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology industries

(iv) GekaKonus Heating Systems

  • Include high pressure steam boiler, thermal oil heating equipment and associated spare parts, which are widely used in all industries including edible oil refineries, chemical industries, bunker oil terminals, food industries
  • We are the non-exclusive distributor of such products and integrates these products into our process plant design and supply
  • Providing after-sales repair and maintenance work

(vi) Novozymes enzymes

  • Used in place of chemical catalysts in synthetic processes to reduce by-product and impurities in the end product
  • Used such enzymes in its enzymatic multi-feedstock biodiesel process

Product Sales & Trading