Renewable Energy Segment

The types of plants and services included in our Group’s capabilities under the Renewable Energy segment are as follows:

  • Normal Palm Biodiesel Plants
  • Winter Fuel Plants
  • Multi-feedstock Biodiesel Plants
  • Proprietary Oiltek Biodiesel & Multi-Feedstock Process
  • Proprietary & Patented Enzymatic Multi-Feedstock Biodiesel Process
  • Proprietary Post-Biodiesel Phytonutrient Extraction & Concentration Process
  • Acidulation Processes
  • Glycerine Refining Process
  • HVO Feedstock Treatment Plants
  • High efficiency methane biogas recovery plant
  • Pilot Plants
Segment Photo - Renewable Energy

(i) Process Improvement, Optimisation, Upgrading & Retrofitting of Plants

  • To increase capacity
  • To optimise processes
  • Upgrading existing plant
  • Conversion of existing biodiesel process into an enzymatic process

(ii) Turnkey Infrastructure Engineering Solutions

  • To Design, Build & Deliver a Complete Renewable Energy Complex from a Greenfield Stage
  • Turnkey ISBL and OSBL solutions include:
    • Civil, Structural, Mechanical & Electrical Works
    • Structural Building of Operation & Process Plants
    • Piping, Installation & Wiring Works
    • Architectural Design
    • Authority Permits and Approval Applications

Renewable Energy