Our patents related to our proprietary processes or equipment designs to achieve higher process efficiency and to produce specific premium niche products with better quality as compared to market norms.

Nature & Description Territory Patent No. Registered Proprietor
A crystalliser for use in dry-fractionation of oils and fats, with compartments arranged in such a way that provides a high specific surface area for heat transfer, and substantially reduces the energy consumption of the crystalliser Malaysia







IDP 000048400









A physical refinery system containing a programmable logic controller with a sensor installed to give appropriate response in event of error, as well as automated processing systems in the event of critical operating conditions Malaysia MY-173311-A OILTEK
A process for refining crude palm oil to obtain RBD palm oil with low colour Malaysia MY-169708-A OILTEK
A continuous deodoriser system with a heat recovery system which is operated in a vacuum condition. Such heat recovery system is designed based on the principle of a thermosyphon system that cold water has a higher specific density than warm water, and so being heavier will sink down. This is a method of passive heat exchange based on natural convection and does not require a use of mechanical pump Malaysia MY-178463-A OILTEK

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