Dry Degumming and Bleaching

Degumming at low temperature with our dynamic mixer and heating of the oil-earth slurry improves the degumming efficiency and reduces the consumption of bleaching earth.

Ease of operation means your plant runs under optimal conditions for greatest productivity. It is reliable operation day after day, year after year.

Split Column Deodorizer

If you want to be the industry leader in premium quality, packed edible oil products, Oiltek Split Column Deodorizer is your best choice.

  • High absolute vacuum in all deodorizing vessels
  • High removal of impurities
  • Reduced steam consumption

The product is a pure, bland, bright and lightly coloured refined oil of top quality.

Deodorizer with Internal Heating and Heat Recovery

Oiltek Deodorizer with Internal Heating and Heat Recovery provides large oil surface exposed to vacuum, ensuring complete removal of compounds that cause off-flavour. The refined oil has excellent stability against flavour reversion.

SCD Deodorizer

If you need to process multiple feedstock with the advantages of a continuous system, then Oiltek SCD Deodorizer, which combines continuous and semi-continuous operations within the same vessel, is your perfect choice. Our SCD Deodorizer has two thermosyphon loops for maximum heat recovery. Multiple large drain valves ensure rapid and complete emptying of oil in the deodorizer trays.